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About the Raiders

Born in 2004, the Raiders are the disability, mental health and Deaf part of the Maidstone United Football Club family.

We offer PAN disability footballing opportunities to both children and adults inna fun and supportive environment.

We are non profit making. Everything we do is paid for through the fees and from donations. All our staff are volunteers who give up their time for free.

We are proud members of the Kent Disability Football League. We have teams in every division and are defending champions of several of them.

As part of the Stones Community Trust, we help create opportunities for people who are often feel marginalised or excluded from the local community.

Our team

We are run solely by volunteers – a group of people who want a make positive impact on the lives of people who have a disability or mental health issue.

Our manager

and Head of Disability Football

Lorraine Humm

Lead Coach

Junior section

Michael Watts

Our adult section

• Aaron Courtney
• Abdelhamid Sabil
• Jason Bardell
• Jerome Cosier
• Joshua Amos
• Michael Orpin
• Mohamed Benaakrout
• Rebecca Stronghill
• Tania Goldfinch

Our junior section

• Brad Newlyn
• Gareth Kirkby
• Harry Hastings-Strike
• Hayley Rose
• Jeremy (“Jez”) Goodway
• John Strike
• Michael Gabriel
• Rob Joseph
• Zoe Lee

Get involved

We’re always looking for positive, enthusiastic and fun coaches to join.

No experience is necessary – just a committed to creating the right environment for our players.

To get involved, get in touch with our manager, Lorraine.